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The following organisations supported the SASB Foundation in its first 10 years (2011-2021) and the Value Reporting Foundation (formed from the merger of the IIRC and the SASB Foundation) (2021-22). prior to its merger with IIRC to form the Value Reporting Foundation in 2021 and the Value Reporting Foundation’s consolidation with the IFRS Foundation in 2022. Their generosity fueled the research, market engagement, and market outreach needed to develop SASB Standards for 77 industries and to leverage the power of the capital markets helping to focus companies and investors on material sustainability issues. For more on the SASB Foundation’s funding, accomplishments, and history, please see our annual reports from 2020, Annual Report (also available: 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014).

SASB Standards are now materials of the IFRS Foundation. To learn more about the funding of the IFRS Foundation, visit here.

What Donors Supported


St. James Palace Meeting + Accounting fort Sustainability Forum.

IIRC proposed during discussions at The Prince’s Accounting for Sustainability Forum.


Publication of “From Transparency to Performance” by SASB Founder, Jean Rogers

IIRC is officially formed


Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) founded

Key Donors:

I’ve always said: In God we trust – everyone else, bring data.
SASB has had a highly impressive first year. They’re working directly with the economic system and regulatory framework to systematically develop standards for industries in all ten sectors of the U.S. economy.

Michael Bloomberg

With SASB’s standards, for the first time investors will be able to compare company performance within and across industries on the most critical dimensions of sustainability that impact long term value creation.

Vice President Al Gore

[SASB will] change the DNA of the system so that at the very least companies that are doing the right things can have an advantage when they are raising capital in the public markets. We made a big bet on SASB because we think it can be so important.

Clara Miller, President Emerita, Heron Foundation


SASB’s public launch of standard-setting activities


First Provisional Standards published (Healthcare Sector)

Key Donors:


First Integrated Report issued

Michael Bloomberg and Mary Schapiro appointed Chair and Vice Chair of SASB Foundation Board

SASB industry Working Groups exceed 2000 participants

Provisional standards issued for 5 additional sectors (Financials, Technology & Communication, Non-renewable Resources, Transportation, and Services)

Key Donors:

SASB provides a mechanism for those businesses that are doing well to be understood.

Darren Walker, CEO Ford Foundation


Financial support from Big-4 Accounting Firms begins

Key Donors:

We share SASB’s commitment to advancing greater standardization and transparency around non-financial performance and disclosure by companies, and to helping organizations better communicate performance measured in both financial and non-financial terms.

Kristen Sullivan, Global Audit & Assurance Climate Services Leader

Our support of SASB, among other standard setting organizations, reflects our commitment to address social and environmental impacts in a forward looking manner.

Shannon Schuyler

Fundamentals of Sustainability Accounting (FSA) credential launched

Key Donors:

To make sustainability disclosure more cost effective for companies and useful for investors, we need a market standard. The Sustainability Accounting and Standards Board (SASB), a grantee of the Foundation, was created to fill this need.

The guiding vision for SASB is that metrics be useful to investors and companies…

Tom Steyer

Medtronic and South Korea Telecom publish the first SASB reports


Provisional Standards Completed (Infrastructure sector is last to wrap up)

Key Donors:


SASB Releases codified Standards


SASB launches Human Capital Research Project


‘Group of Five’ announcement demonstrate cooperation and alignment in sustainability and financial reporting


SASB and IIRC merge; formation of the Value Reporting Foundation

Key Donors:


IFRS announces merger of Value Reporting Foundation and the formation of the International Sustainability Standards Board

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Crowe LLP

Integrated Reporting Foundation

Jeremy Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment

Ken Goldman

Morgan Stanley

Omidyar Network

Rockefeller Brothers Fund

Surdna Foundation


Betsy & Jesse Fink Foundation

Cathy Odelbo

Dan Hanson

Erika Karp

Fidelity Charitable (DAF)

GE Foundation

Jay Willoughby

Metanoia Fund

National Organization of Investment Professionals

Robert K Steel

The McKnight Foundation

Tom Riesenberg


Alan Beller

Eileen Fisher Community Foundation

Elisse Walter

Jack Wadsworth

Mary Schapiro

Steve Gunders

Under $25K

Ainslie Foundation

American Society of Safety Professionals

Aulana Peters

Barry Melancon

Bob Eccles

Breckinridge Capital Advisors Inc

BWise, Inc.

Clara Miller

Conor Kehoe

Cornerstone Capital Group

Curtis Ravenel

Daniel Goelzer

Deborah DeHaas

Ed Waitzer

Izumi Kobayashi

Janine Guillot

Jean Rogers

Ken Mehlman

Kevin Parker

Macquarie Group Ltd

Matthew Welch

Michelle Collins

Paul Druckman

Robert Hirth

Shawn Lytle

Steve Lydenberg

Ted White

The Investment Fund for Foundations

The San Francisco Foundation Travelers